Local Suppliers - Let Minnow Cafe
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Local Suppliers

Part culture, part connection, Let Minnow Café comes from a family that shares a love for food and Brisbane. Our meals reflect the Brisbane region: its climate, its farmers and its culture. Restoring this beautiful 100-year-old house, formally known as the Clayfield Aquarium, gives Let Minnow Café the rich historical character that you feel when you walk through our doors. Food miles are at the forefront of our minds, which is why we source the majority of our fruit and vegetables from a 160km radius of Brisbane. That’s also why we have a beehive and herb garden set up in our very own backyard. We also believe in inclusivity, meaning that everyone is welcome and has a place at our tables. We are wheelchair and pram accessible along with being children, dog and food intolerant friendly.

Below you’ll find a list of our suppliers that help us make your meal unique and delicious.

The Coffee

Entrepreneur Nathan Byron is behind Nat’s Coffee, based just south of Byron Bay. At Let Minnow our house blend is currently the “Batch 1” and our seasonal Single origin is the “Aussie Organic” – grown in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland. Nat’s Coffee also provides us with a delectably made organic chocolate powder that is sugar, gluten and dairy free, made by fellow Byron Bay business, Pure Melt Chocolate.

The Tea

West End Tea Co believes in connecting over a shared pot of tea. The locally owned and operated Brisbane organic tea company has a strong sense of connection to the culture and ritual that is tea drinking. We are continuing their philosophy in our store because tea drinkers are special too.

The Fresh Produce

Local Food Suppliers, Brisbane based companies, supply Let Minnow with  our seasonal fresh fruit and vegetable produce. We strive to have very fresh ingrediants sourced from the local region. What does that all mean for you? That it is good for your health and for the planet. We are also sourcing through local Brisbane markets, free-range egg farms and butchers in the Greater Brisbane region. We always aim to keep the kilometres our food travels to a minimum and the freshness to a maximum. That is especially so with our raw honey, which is only 30m away and brings to life the taste of the Brisbane Northside!

The Milk

We have chosen the udderly delectable Devondale milk owned by the Devondale Murray Goulburn Co-op that consists of over 2,500 dairy farmers from across South-Eastern Australia. The Australian farming families who supply the milk control the Co-op, which means the farmer that sits on the tractor also sits at the boardroom table.

The Drink Fridge

Our selections of packaged drinks have two main criteria to pass in order to make it to our fridge. Firstly, no soft drinks (holy mackerel!) and secondly, low or no added sugar that is actually good for you. See who made the cut:

  • Krazy Lemon: Queensland family owned and operated company right here in Brisbane. It reminds us of how lemonade should be – a zesty and fresh lemon drink that is refreshing, healthy and brings all the goodness of the Queensland sunshine to you.
  • Emma & Toms: Australian owned business providing whole fruit smoothies, with juice, flesh and all in recyclable plastic bottles. They source their produce through Aussie farmers, choosing only the best fruit for you.
  • Buderim Ginger Beer: Based in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Buderim has provided us with ginger-packed refreshments.
  • Thankyou Water: Australian-based water company where each bottle of water purchased helps provide safe water access to someone in need. Their water is sourced from NSW and other regions of Australia.
The Crockery

Robert Gordon Australia: Each piece of our pottery has been glazed by hand in Melbourne, allowing for minor differences and peculiarities that have made each plate truly unique.

The Boards

Fab Slabs: Family owned and operated business out of the Sunshine Coast. All our boards are made from camphor laurel, which is a naturally permanent anti-bacterial timber that has been milled, dried and then carved into
boards just for us.

The Let Minnow Shirts

More than a stitched piece of fabric, our Liminal Apparel custom made shirts tell a story of freedom. As a fair trade company they are committed to providing fair living wages and healthy working environments for all employees. The 100% organic cotton shirts are sourced from sustainable farming and production processes. We know exactly where our shirts came from so we can wear our fish puns with pride. Our shirts are also available for sale, so let minnow if you want one!