Our Story

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Let Minnow Café is founded on a love of Brisbane, old Queenslanders, chinwags, puns, superb coffee and outstanding food. We provide a place of solace to savour alone or share with others; a place to laugh loudly or silently revive. At Let Minnow, we want to answer questions about where our food comes from, we want you to feel good hours after visiting us and we want to see you again tomorrow. We are your morning ritual; a place to practice mindfulness and to laugh loudly. We are the satisfied sigh after the first sip of coffee. We are nourishing, satisfying food that fuels your whole day. We are the small moment that reminds you that, Yes, I love this place.

Part culture, part connection, Let Minnow Café comes from a family that shares a love for food and Brisbane. Our meals reflect the Brisbane region: its climate, its farmers and its culture. Restoring this beautiful 100-year-old house, formally known as the Clayfield Aquarium, gives Let Minnow Café the rich historical character that you feel when you walk through our doors. Food miles are at the forefront of our minds, which is why we source the majority of our fruit and vegetables from a 160km radius of Brisbane.

That’s also why we have a beehive and herb garden set up in our very own backyard. We also believe in inclusivity, meaning that everyone is welcome and has a place at our tables. We are wheelchair and pram accessible along with being children, dog and food intolerant friendly.